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Frequently Asked Questions

(See Also: Helpful Tips on Using Fund Manager)


  1. What versions of Windows can Fund Manager run under?
  2. How do I transfer Fund Manager to a new computer?
  3. How can I upgrade my older version of Fund Manager?
  4. Where can I download an older version of Fund Manager?
  5. Is there a version of Fund Manager for Linux?
  6. Is there a version of Fund Manager for Macs?

Using Fund Manager:

  1. What are the main differences between the different Fund Manager versions?
  2. How do I get started using Fund Manager?
  3. Do you have a manual that I can print out?
  4. I don't see my broker or mutual fund company in your list of supported companies for retrieving transactions.  Will you add support for mine?
  5. How can I compare my portfolio to an index?
  6. Can I track investments in more than one currency?
  7. How do you track options in Fund Manager?
  8. How do you track short positions in Fund Manager?
  9. I own shares in the same security in different accounts.  How do I track this?
  10. How do I hide investments that have been sold?
  11. Can I export the report data to Excel?
  12. Is the transaction retrieve feature secure?
  13. Why aren't my older transactions showing up when retrieving from my broker?
  14. How do I find the number of shares of a particular security owned by each client?
  15. How can I convert existing portfolio files into sub-portfolios of a new portfolio?
  16. When I open my portfolio my screen "flickers" for a long time.  What is this, and how do I fix it?
  17. Why does my portfolio value display as N/A?
  18. How can I merge multiple investments into one investment?
  19. How can I track private investments?
  20. How can multiple users share data in Fund Manager?

Retrieving Prices:

  1. Is there a tutorial on how to retrieve prices?
  2. Is there a list of available quote servers?
  3. Why isn't the price updating for my investment?
  4. How can I retrieve prices for only selected investment(s) in my portfolio?
  5. How can I retrieve pricing data for indices, including the Dow?
  6. How can I retrieve pricing data for bonds?
  7. How can I obtain historical prices for exchange rates?
  8. How can I retrieve the price of gold or silver?
  9. How to fix the symbol/server combination failed to update message?


  1. I've lost my license key, can you send it to me again?
  2. How do I enter my license into Fund Manager?
  3. Is the license a one-time fee, or are there recurring costs?
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