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The following tutorials are available for help on learning how to use Fund Manager:

Overview Tutorials

Tutorials are available in various formats: YouTube Video, Flash Presentation, or Text & Pictures.  Select whichever format you prefer.

Tutorial Formats Description
Getting Started Video
Text & Pictures
Explains setting up a new portfolio and general getting started tips
Portfolio Editor Video
Text & Pictures
Demonstrates using the Portfolio Editor to organize sub-portfolios and investments
Reports Video
Text & Pictures
Shows how to create a report and gives an overview of some of the available reports
Graphs Video
Text & Pictures
Shows how to create a graph and gives an overview of some of the available graph features
Data Register Video
Text & Pictures
Demonstrates using the Data Register to view and modify your recorded transaction and pricing data
Multiple Currencies Video
Text & Pictures
Explains how to track investments in more than one currency

If you would like to print a copy of these tutorials, a printer friendly version is available.

In addition to the above higher level tutorials we offer the following video tutorials on specific features in Fund Manager:

Specific Feature Tutorials
Retrieving Prices Shows how to retrieve current and historical prices for all open investments, or only select investments.  Goes over options related to retrieving prices.
Sub-Portfolios Shows how to use the Portfolio Editor to create sub-portfolio hierarchy.  Demonstrates drag/drop, creating/deleting sub-portfolios, and using link sub-portfolios.
Reconciling The reconciliation feature verifies your share balances against a statement.  Demonstrates reconciling an account against a statement retrieved from your broker, and how to fix any errors.  Also shows how to bulk reconcile accounts in the Advisor version.
Hiding Investments Demonstrates how to hide sold investments and portfolios
Categories Shows how to work with categories, including assigning your investments manually or retrieving category information from the internet.  Demonstrates using categories in reports and graphs.
Mobile/Web Access Explains setting up and using the optional mobile/web access feature to view your investment data through a web browser or Android app
Tracking Cash Demonstrates how to track cash, how to record transactions for cash, and how to set up and use the default cash account feature. Demonstrates how to turn off price retrieve for cash investments.  Shows how to manually create a new cash investment, assign it as the default cash account, and how to use the "Re-Create Default Cash Transactions" command.
(Advisor version only)
Demonstrates setting up a sub-portfolio hierarchy for your clients, defining clients, and assigning them to own a sub-portfolio.  Shows how to place client information in a report header.  Demonstrates batch emailing a report and graph to your clients.  Demonstrates batch printing a report and graph to a PDF file for each client.  Shows how to use the "Send by Email..." command to email a particular graph or report to any client.
Client Statement Service
(Advisor version only)
Discusses the mechanics of creating client portal accounts, batch statement creation, and uploading to the client statement service.  Also shows an overview of using the Advisor Portal as well as the Client Portal.
Institutional File Import
(Advisor version only)
Discusses the mechanics of getting started with Fund Manager when importing institutional data files from your broker.  Imports positions and transactions, reconciles, and sets up sub-portfolios for each client.

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