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Data Register Tutorial

The Data Register is where you can enter or modify pricing and transaction data for all your investments.  The Data Register is available by choosing Edit / All Data... from the menu or selecting the Data Register Toolbar Button button on the toolbar.  You can also access the Data Register or record any transaction for an investment by right mouse clicking on that investment, and choosing the appropriate menu command.  The Data Register looks like this:

Data Register

You can work with any investment by choosing the desired Sub-Portfolio and Investment from the boxes along the top.

Under the "Data Type" combo box there are data types to control which data is being viewed in the list:

data type dropdown

Notice some data types are indented.  These indented data types are a subset of the higher level data types.  For example, Purchases is a subset of Share Transactions which is itself a subset of All Transactions.  The selected data type specifies what data is being displayed.

Select the data type you wish to work with.  For example, to record a new purchase, select either All Transactions, Share Transactions, or Purchases and then press the "New >>" button to record a new transaction.  To modify an existing transaction, select it from the displayed data, and choose the "Edit..." or "Delete" button.  You can select multiple transactions/prices by using the Shift and Ctrl keys.  Transactions and prices can also be copied and pasted by using the right mouse menu or the "More >>" button.

Notice thesort arrow icon in the "Date" column header.  This arrow indicates the sort order of the data list.  You can control this by clicking on any column's header to sort by that column.  Clicking on the same column header again, switches the sort order between ascending and descending.  When sorting by ascending, the arrow icon will be facing up, instead of down.  You can also adjust the width of any of these columns by clicking and dragging on the edge of any of the column headers.  You can also adjust the order of these columns, by using your mouse to drag any column header to a new desired location.   Column sizes and order are memorized for future Fund Manager sessions.  The initial selection for data type can be customized in the General Preferences - Other Dialog.

This dialog can be resized and various colors/fonts and other display preferences can be adjusted under Options / General Preferences... / Data Register Display.

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