General Preferences - Other Dialog


This dialog is available from the Options / General Preferences... menu command.


This dialog page allows you to customize other miscellaneous settings. These preferences are memorized from session to session. They include:


Send Price Update at

Enables sending a daily portfolio price(s) alert. When this feature is turned on, an alert will be activated each weekday at the specified time. This is a unique alert, independent of your investment price alerts. Your current alert options will determine how the alert will be sent. This alert only uses the e-mail type of notification. E-mail notifications will report the current price of all open investments.  The portfolio price(s) alert setting is memorized as part of your portfolio.

Initial "Data Type" In Data Register

Controls the initial selection for the "Data Type" when opening the Data Register.

Action When Double Clicking An Investment In Portfolio Editor

This option controls the performed action when double clicking on an investment in the Portfolio Editor.  Choose to either open the Investment Properties Dialog or open the Data Register for the clicked on investment.

Weekend Starts On

Choose the first day of the weekend for your locale.  Normally this is Saturday.

Default Accounting Method for New Investments

When a new investment is created, the accounting method investment property is set to this value, unless otherwise specified during creation

Transfer Transactions OOP Calculations Use

Specify preference on how to perform OOP calculations involving transfer transactions.  Select to either use the original OOP cost of the transferred shares, or the market value of the shares on the transfer date.

Prompt Before Pasting Prices/Transaction

Displays the "Pasting Prices/Transactions" dialog prior to pasting data.  See Copying and Pasting Prices and Transactions.

Create Log Files When Importing Transactions

Log files related to importing OFX files or retrieving transactions and position information will be created.  These log files can be useful for debug purposes.  Log files are stored in the user's Application Data / Fund Manager folder.

Allow Summing Values from Different Currencies

Whether or not to sum amounts from investments with different currency types.  If this option is off and the View / Exchange Rate Adjusted option is off, and an object combines values from multiple currencies, N/A will be reported.  For example, a portfolio value will be N/A if that portfolio contains investments using more than 1 currency and the exchange rate adjusted option is off.  This option does not affect graphs.  For example, if you plot a Portfolio Value graph with the View / Exchange Rate Adjusted option off, the plotted values will be summing values from different currencies.  Generally you would want to leave on the View / Exchange Rate Adjusted option when graphing, so that values are all displayed in your default currency.

Allow Multiple Program Instances

Whether or not to allow multiple copies of Fund Manager to run at the same time.  When this option is off and a new copy of Fund Manager is started, the existing copy will be brought to the foreground, instead of starting a new instance.  When this option is on you can run multiple copies of Fund Manager at the same time.  In this case, care should be taken to not be modifying the same data files in different instances of Fund Manager, as only the last instance to save will have the changes saved.

Automatically Un-Hide Investments With New Transactions

If a share based transaction (buy, sell, transfer) is added/edited/deleted in an investment marked as hidden, Fund Manager will automatically un-hide that investment

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