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This dialog is available by right mouse clicking on any investment in the Portfolio Editor, and choosing Properties... from the popup menu.  It is also available by right mouse clicking on any investment in the Graph or a Report window, and choosing Investment Properties... from the popup menu.



Toggle the hidden attribute.  (To hide all investments with zero shares use the Hide Sold Investments Dialog.)

Invert Prices When Updating

When a price is entered, imported, or retrieved for this investment, record the inverse (1/supplied price) for the closing price. This feature may be useful for exchange rate investments where the source of exchange rates is opposite to the manner required under the Currency Settings Dialog.

Tax Free

Tax free investments can be excluded from capital gain reports.  See the Report Preferences - Capital Gains Dialog.  Tax free investments can also be filtered from Open Lot, Income Schedule, and Investment Transaction reports.  (To set this property for all investments in a sub-portfolio, use the Portfolio Properties Dialog.)

Ignore When Reconciling

When reconciling any sub-portfolio with this investment, this investment will skipped.  This investment will be considered a "match" even if the share balance does not match the statement.  A note will be displayed in the reconciliation wizard showing that it is being ignored.

Transaction Entry Preference

The preferred format for entering transactions.  The following choices are available:

No Fees:  There are no commission fees required for purchases, redemptions, or distributions.

Percentage Load Fees:  Commission fees are required and are expressed as a percentage of the transaction amount. (Sometimes used for loaded mutual funds)

Commission Fees:  Commission fees are required and are expressed as a specific amount. (Most common method for paying commissions on stocks)

Accounting Method

Determines which shares are sold and cost basis calculation method for redeemed shares.  Choices include:

First In First Out

Average Cost

Specified Lots

Exempt from Management Fees

This investment's value is not included when calculating managed value for a sub-portfolio with an assigned management fee method that uses managed value to determine the fee.  (Advisor version only)

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