Management Fees


Fund Manager Advisor can calculate management fees for each client.  This information is reported in the Management Fees report.  Management fees can be calculated using a wide variety of calculation methodologies.  You define all the management fee methods you'd like to use, and then assign these management fee methods to sub-portfolios.  Use the Management Fee Method Property dialog to define your management fee methods.  Sub-portfolios can be assigned to any defined management fee method, or can be left unassigned.  Only sub-portfolios with an assigned management fee method will be listed in the management fees report.


When a sub-portfolio has a management fee method that is based off managed value, the managed value is determined from all investments in that sub-portfolio and all child sub-portfolios that do not have their own assigned management fee method.  If a child sub-portfolio has its own management fee method assigned, its value is excluded from the parent's managed value.

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