Management Fees Report


This report can be created by selecting the Reports / Management Fees... command from within any window.  The report is only available in the Advisor version.


This report displays the management fees for each sub-portfolio with an assigned fee method.  You can optionally sub-total this report by client.  Customize which fields are displayed in this report using the Report Preferences - Management Fees Dialog.  The following columns can be displayed for this report type:



The sub-portfolio name.  Every sub-portfolio that has an assigned management fee method will be displayed.  Assign the management fee method in the Portfolio Properties dialog.


The client who owns this sub-portfolio, or <not assigned> if no client owns this sub-portfolio

Account #

The account number assigned to this sub-portfolio

Bill To

The account number to be billed for the management fees.  See the Portfolio Properties dialog to specify the "Bill To Account".

Fee Method

The name of the management fee method assigned to this sub-portfolio

Managed Value

When the management fee is a percentage of the value under management, this is the value under management, calculated according to the assigned management fee method.  If the management fee method is "No Fee" or "Fixed Fee", this value is not displayed.


The number of years this report spans.  See "Calculate Years Using Days" under the Report Preferences - Management Fees Dialog to control how years is calculated.


The total management fees for this sub-portfolio.  This figure includes the sum of non-performance and performance based fees.  (Fee = Non-Performance Fee + Performance Fee)

Non-Performance Fee

The portion of the management fees that come from a non-performance based fee, such as a percentage of the managed value, or a fixed fee.

Performance Fee

The portion of the management fees that come from a performance based fee


The High Water Mark (HWM) as of the beginning of the billing period.  The is the HWM used to determine the profits earned in this billing period.


The High Water Mark (HWM) as of the ending report date.  This is the future HWM to beat for the subsequent billing period.


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