About Reports


Fund Manager displays reports in a Report window.   A new window is created for each requested report. To create a new report, select the desired report type from the top level Reports menu.  The following report types are available:

To modify any report settings use the Report Settings Dialog. The text in any report can also be copied to the clipboard or exported to a CSV file for use in other applications. Reports can also be memorized using the Memorize Report Dialog. Memorized reports can be recreated by selecting the memorized report name from the bottom of the Reports menu. Report column widths are resizable by clicking and dragging with your mouse on the column dividers in the report header (hold down the Shift key to resize all columns to the same width). Column sizes will be memorized for future Fund Manager sessions.


Advisor Specific:  Reports can be copied as images to the clipboard, for publishing to clients.  See Edit / Copy Picture.  Reports (as well as graphs) can be emailed to clients using the Send by Email Dialog.

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