Rebalance Report


This report can be created by selecting the Reports / Rebalance... command from within any window.


When creating this report you choose the allocation target to use.  This report shows how close your actual positions are to the desired targets:


Actual %

Actual holdings on the report date, expressed as a percentage of the whole sub-portfolio value

Target %

The desired allocation, also expressed as a percentage of the whole sub-portfolio value.  This figure comes from the allocation target in use for the report.

Delta %

The difference between the actual and target allocation percentages

Delta Value

Value to add, or take away, in order to rebalance this item to the target.  This value is calculated assuming a constant sub-portfolio value.  This would apply when you sell one item, and use the proceeds to buy another item.


When using a Model Portfolio allocation target the necessary trades needed to rebalance the sub-portfolio can be exported to a CSV file using the Export Rebalance Trades Dialog.


When applying a filter to a Rebalance report the filter applies only to the actual holdings.  The allocation target should be defined as desired, without any necessary filtering.

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