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This dialog is used to export a set of trades necessary to rebalance one or more portfolios.  This feature is only available in the Advisor version.  This dialog is available from the File / Export / Other / Rebalance Trades... menu command.  Select a sub-portfolio to rebalance, and choose a model sub-portfolio that contains your desired target allocations.  The rebalancing is done based on the value percentage of each symbol in the sub-portfolio.  The trades are exported to a comma delimited file that can be used to submit the trades for execution with your broker.


Sub-Portfolio to Rebalance:

Choose to either export all sub-portfolios with an assigned model portfolio, or only a selected sub-portfolio.

When you choose to export all, all sub-portfolios with an assigned model portfolio will be exported, using each sub-portfolios assigned model portfolio.


When you choose to export a selected sub-portfolio, you can choose the model (target) sub-portfolio.  The account number, owner of this sub-portfolio, and assigned model portfolio are displayed for informational purposes.

Model (Target) Sub-Portfolio:

Select the desired model sub-portfolio.  The trades exported will adjust the rebalancing sub-portfolio to have the same allocation percentages of each symbol (based on value) as this target sub-portfolio.


Specify a date to perform the rebalancing

Min Shares

Specify the minimum quantity of shares to buy or sell.  This will be the resolution in share quantity of all trades generated.  For example, with "Min Shares" set to 10, any trade would be a multiple of 10 shares: 0, 10, 20, 30, etc...

Min Delta %

Specify as a percentage.  When a symbol in the sub-portfolio is within this % of the desired allocation, no trade will be exported.  If a symbol's allocation is off by more than this amount, then a trade will be exported.  For example, if the model sub-portfolio has a 10% allocation of IBM and the rebalancing sub-portfolio has an 8% allocation of IBM, a buy transaction for IBM will only be exported if the "Min Delta %" is specified as 2% or less.

Export Format

Choose the format of the exported CSV file.  The "Generic" format exports a file that is compatible with the generic transaction import/export format used by Fund Manager.  The "Scottrade" format can be used with the Scottrade Advisor Services (SAS) upload application.  Both formats are CSV formatted files.


After selecting all the desired options, press the Export button to be prompted for the path/filename and to perform the export.  This dialog will remain open, until you press the Done button to facilitate running multiple exports in a row.


No trades are exported for the symbol of your default cash account.

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