Memorize Report Dialog


This dialog is available from the Edit / Memorize... menu command from within any Report window.


Fund Manager reports can be memorized, such that they can be easily recreated. Under the "Save As" combo box select whether to save to a new memorized report, or re-save over an existing memorized report. Enter a description to assign to this memorized report and choose the "OK" button. When recreating memorized reports a list of descriptions for all previously memorized reports will be available.


An option "Float Ending Date" is also available. When recreating memorized reports that were memorized with this option selected, the ending date of the report will be automatically adjusted.  To control what date the end date floats to, see the "Memorized Report End Date Floats To:" option in the Report Preferences - Other Dialog.  By default, floating end dates will go to the current date.


When the option "Starting Date Relative To End" is enabled, the date range between the starting and ending dates will be kept constant.

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