Open Lots Report


This report can be created by selecting the Reports / Open Lots... command from within any window.


This report lists information for transactions that have not yet been sold.  Customize which fields are displayed in this report using the Report Preferences - Open Lots Dialog.  The following columns can be displayed in this report:



The investment name and/or symbol.  Customize how the investment is described in the Report Preferences - Open Lots Dialog.


Name of sub-portfolio containing this investment

Account #

Account number of sub-portfolio containing this investment


Number of shares purchased

Open Date

Date shares were purchased

Open Price

Purchase price (not including any commission)

Open Price+C

Purchase price (including commission)

Open Value

Purchase amount, including commission
(Shares * Open Price + Commission)

Tax Basis

The tax cost basis for these shares.  This may differ from Open Value due to wash sales, Return of Capital or Account Fee distributions.


Commission fee paid in purchase transaction


Share price as of report date


Market value as of report date

Exchange Rate

When a transaction is recorded in the non-default currency (and "View / Exchange Rate Adjusted" is off), this is the exchange rate for this transaction between the currency of this investment and the default currency


Value of distributions received from these shares

% Gain

% Gain or loss on this transaction, up through the report date
((Value + Distributions - Open Value) / Open Value)

Price Gain

Change in price (not including any commission)
(Price - Open Price)

Price Gain+C

Change in price (including commission)
(Price - Open Price+C)

Value Gain

Change in value
(Value - Open Value)


Gain in value, including distributions from these shares
(Value + Distributions - Open Value)

Tax Gain

Unrealized capital gains
(Value - Tax Basis)

Days Owned

Number of days this lot has been open
(report date - Open Date)


Relative measure of how well this lot has performed
(100 * % Gain / Days Owned)


The transaction's memo

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