Report Colors Dialog


This dialog is available from the Options / Report Colors... menu command under a Report window.


This dialog box allows you to customize the look of report windows. These color selections will be saved in your portfolio. From the drop-down combination box, choose the item you would like to edit the color for. The sample report shows your current settings, and is updated as you make color changes.


Use the Red, Green, and Blue scroll bars, or the 'Choose Color' button, to assign a color to the currently selected item. To make the changes take effect for the currently selected item, select the 'Change' push button. To restore any particular item to it's default value, select the 'Default' push button. To restore all items to their default values, select the 'All Defaults' push button. When finished making changes, select the 'Done' push button. Select the 'Help' push button to get this help topic.


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