Monthly Performance Report


This report can be created by selecting the Reports / Monthly Performance... command from within any window.


This report gives you insight into how well your invested money performed each month.  The selected performance metric is reported for the sub-portfolio on a monthly basis.  Totals for each year, and averages are also reported.  Select from any of the following performance metrics when creating this report:



The Return On Investment (ROI) Yield


The Time-Weighted Return (TWR)

% Gain

The Out Of Pocket percent gain


The Out Of Pocket value gain


The ending market value

Distributions - <type>

The amount of distributions received of the specified type


Note on Accrued Interest:

The % Gain, Gain, and Value performance metrics can optionally include accrued interest.  Use the "Include Accrued Interest" option in the Report Preferences - Portfolio Performance Dialog to control whether or not accrued interest is included.  The ROI and TWR can also optionally include accrued interest.  For these performance metrics use the "Include Accrued Interest in Yield Calculations" option in the General Preferences - Yields Dialog.


Note on Date Settings:

This report will only include full months in any calculations.  When the report's date range starts or ends inside a month, that month will not be displayed in the report, or included in the totals. The date range is effectively rounded to a shorter date range that only includes full months.

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