Income Schedule Report


This report can be created by selecting the Reports / Open Lots... command from within any window.  An equivalent graph is available as the Income Schedule Graph.


This report lists expected payments from investments with their Income Style property set to either "Bond Interest" or "Dividends".  Optionally subtotal this report by Month, Quarter, Year, Income Style, or Tax Status (tax-free versus taxable).  Using the Filter... button you can filter this report.  You can customize which fields are displayed in this report using the Report Preferences - Income Schedule.  The following columns can be displayed in this report:



The investment name and/or symbol


Name of sub-portfolio containing this investment

Account #

Account number of sub-portfolio containing this investment


Number of shares owned when the payment is received


Date payment is scheduled to be received


Amount of scheduled payment

Amount /s

Amount per share of scheduled payment

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