Executive Summary Report


This report can be created by selecting the Reports / Executive Summary... command from within any window.  The report is only available in the Advisor version.


This report shows a high level summary of the performance and activity for any selected portfolio.  A comparison to any selected indices is also available.  Customize the cash flow style, type of pie chart (or turn off the pie chart), and whether or not to include accrued interest using the Report Preferences - Executive Summary Dialog.  This report can be created for any date range desired.  Optionally the Year To Date (YTD) and Inception figures can also be included (more info).


Portfolio Activity Summary

This section shows the beginning market value, money added, taken out, gain/loss, and the resulting ending market value.  The cash flow style determines which rows of information are displayed in this section.


Portfolio Allocation

This section shows a pie chart of the portfolio for the ending report date.  The pie chart can be turned off.  The pie chart type can be adjusted, so that it shows the allocation by investment, symbol, asset type, investment goal, sector, investment type, sub-portfolio, or currency.  A maximum of 5 pie slices are displayed.


Portfolio Performance Summary

The ROI yields or TWR yields for the portfolio over the specified date ranges.  The date ranges displayed are for the report date range, any "Year" based yield terms specified under General Preferences - Yields, and optionally YTD and since the portfolio's inception.  Choose which performance metric to use with the Executive Summary Options Dialog.


Index Performance Summary

The TWR yields for the selected indices over the same date ranges as the portfolio in the Portfolio Performance Summary.  This section compares the performance of any selected index to that of the portfolio over all the listed date ranges.  Use the Executive Summary Indices dialog to choose which indices are overlaid.


Comments and Graph

Optional comments and a portfolio based graph can be displayed by enabling these under the Executive Summary Options Dialog.

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