Send By Email Dialog


This dialog is available from the File / Send by Email.... menu command under any top level window.  Use this dialog to send the currently displayed reports/graphs to a single client.  For batch emailing, use the Batch Print/Email command instead.


This feature is available only in the Advisor version.


Fund Manager e-mails graphs and/or reports as JPEG image attachments. Choose the recipient, the image quality level, and which graphs/reports to send, and Fund Manager will create the e-mail automatically with all the graph/report images attached.


You can set the quality level of the attached images. Higher quality images will be larger attachments. Sending e-mail with this feature requires a properly configured e-mail client that supports simple MAPI.  Select the "Email Options..." button to customize the subject and email message.


Choose the “. . .” button next to the “Email To:” list to modify client information.  If you are e-mailing to someone not in your client list choose the “<Other - Specify Email>” option in order to specify the email address.


Select whether the currently opened graphs and/or reports should be attached.  The graphs/reports are sent just as currently displayed.


The JPEG attachments are created and stored in the “Images\Email<x>” folder inside your Application Data\Fund Manager folder. <x> is a number that gets incremented for each new email so your old attachments are not overwritten. You can leave the images in these folders, or if you would like to save disk space it is safe to delete these folders after your e-mail has been sent.


Notes on Image Size:
When emailing a graph window, the image size (pixel dimensions) will be the full client area of the top Fund Manager application window.  This is the size of the graph window when it is in the maximized state.  To make the image larger, size your Fund Manager window larger.  To make the image smaller, size your Fund Manager window smaller.

When emailing a report window, the image size will be whatever size is necessary to display all of the report.  (Window size does not matter when emailing report images.)


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