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Fund Manager displays graphs in the Graphs window.  You can have any number of graph windows open at a time.  Graphs are available for plotting information on portfolios as well as individual investments.  When displaying investment based graphs you can display 1, 4, or 9 graphs within one graph window.  You can quickly scroll which portfolios/investments are displayed using the keyboard or mouse shortcuts.  Markers can be overlaid on your graphs.  Many graph types will display yields above the graphs.  Graphs operate on the active portfolio.


Portfolio Graphs:

Investment Graphs:

To change the date range use the menu command View / Dates..., the toolbar button , a mouse shortcut, or a keyboard shortcut.

To change the vertical scale use the menu command View / Scale..., the toolbar button , a mouse shortcut, or a keyboard shortcut.


Each graph window has separate settings for date ranges, vertical scales, active sub-portfolio, etc.  These settings are memorized in your portfolio file (*.mm4) when you save your portfolio while that graph window is open.

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