Portfolio Value - Line Graph


With this graphing option selected the graph will show how the sum value of all currently opened investments changed with time. When this menu command is selected, the number of displays will automatically be set to one, since there is only one unique graph of this type. The vertical axis represents this value. The horizontal axis displays the date. If auto scaling is on, the vertical axis automatically scales to cover from the minimum to the maximum value achieved during the displayed period. The top vertical axis label will specify the maximum value, and the bottom vertical axis label will specify the minimum value achieved during the displayed period. The legend displays the value of the portfolio on the ending date of the graph, as well as the change from the previous day in parenthesis.


If the yields are turned on (View / Yields), they will be displayed above the graph. See Yield Calculations for information on the reported yields. The yields reported with the portfolio value graph are Return On Investment yields for the entire portfolio. The interpolation range is set to infinity when calculating the ROI of the portfolio.

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