Graph Markers


Markers are optional symbols that can be overlaid on the graphs to display where you bought, sold, received distributions, recorded a note, a split occurred, an alert level is at, a trendline was drawn, or where you have un-specified lots you can still sell.  Each marker type is represented by a different color and shape. Marker size, color, and the pen widths used to draw them are all user definable. Markers preferences are also recorded in the portfolio.


Marker Type Shape   Comments


circle   Buy or Transfer In transactions


triangle   Sell or Transfer Out transactions


Note cross    
Split a capital "I"    
Trendline line as you specify   also available on portfolio based graphs
Alert line where alert is triggered   View / Split Adjusted must be on for alert markers to display.  Alert markers are not displayed for investments currently being exchange rate adjusted with a non-constant exchange rate.  Moving average based alerts are not drawn as markers.  An option available in the Graph Display Options dialog controls which types of alerts will be displayed.  See the option "Alert Markers Drawn for Active Alerts Only".
Un-Specified Lots larger circle    


Only trendline markers are available on portfolio based graphs.  All marker types are available on investment based graphs.


When moving the cursor over a marker the data associated with that marker will be displayed in the status bar. How close the cursor must be to the marker before this data is displayed is referred to as "marker gravity". This value can be adjusted with the Options / Preferences... / Other dialog box. Also, when the cursor is over a marker, that marker's data can be edited by clicking the right mouse button and choosing the popup menu command "Edit Marker Data". To view or edit a trendline marker, move the mouse over either end of the trendline.

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