Asset Allocation - Pie Graph


With this graphing option selected a pie chart will be displayed. The pie chart will show the relative size of each asset type within the portfolio. The legend displays each asset type's percentage of the total portfolio value. The pie chart will be displayed for the ending date range of the portfolio value graph.  The yields are turned off for this graph type since this graph is generated for a particular date, not a date range. When this graph type is selected, the number of displays will automatically be set to one.  When there are too many pie slices to fit in the legend, use the arrow/page/home/end keys to scroll the legend.


The Category Labels Dialog allows you to customize the names to be used for each asset type. There are a total of 100 asset type categories available. Allocate an investment among these categories using Investment Properties - Asset Type Dialog.


The Graph Display Options Dialog can be used to specify the maximum number of slices for this graph type and the other pie charts. The maximum number of slices that can be displayed for this graph type is 100 (the number of asset types).


Hover your mouse over any pie slice to display additional information about that slice in the status bar.  Left mouse click on a pie slice to create a report detailing the investments associated with that pie slice.


Notes on colors:  Use Options / Colors... to edit the colors of the pie chart.  The pie slices use the "Pie Slice (1-100)" colors.  The text above the pie chart, and the labels for each pie slice use the color "Yield Text".  The percentage labels use the color "Axis label text".

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