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This dialog is available from the File / Batch Print/Email... menu command.  This feature is only available in the Advisor version.


Prior to batch printing/emailing, create a report and/or graph window for each type of report/graph you want created for all your clients.  You do not need to create these for all your clients, just one window for each type of graph/report that you want.  For example, if you would like a Portfolio Value report for each client, create one Portfolio Value report.  The graph and report windows can be displayed for any sub-portfolio when you create them.  This does not matter, as the batch printing will set the sub-portfolio for each graph/report to the sub-portfolio you have associated with each client.  See the client list to edit these associations.


From within the Batch Print/Email dialog select whether you want a cover letter and all the graphs and/or reports created.  You can then order the items by selecting them in the "Print Order" list and using the "Move Up" and "Move Down" buttons.


Each client with an associated sub-portfolio in the currently open portfolio file will be listed.  Select each client that you would like to have the selected reports/graphs created.  To select a client place a check next to that client.  You can also use the "Select All" and "Select None" buttons.  To edit the associated sub-portfolio for any client use the "Edit Client List..." button.


Specify the starting page number for each client's printouts (page numbers are not used for emails)  This can be useful if you're planning on adding a cover letter, and want your reports/graphs to start printing at a higher page number.


Use the "Options..." button to select where you would like the Report and Graph output to go.  Choose any combination of:  the printer, email, a CSV file, or image files.  See Batch Print/Email Options.

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