Batch Print/Email Options


This dialog is available by selecting the Options... button in the Batch Print/Email dialog.  This feature is only available in the Advisor version.


You can select what output type you would like generated.  Selecting Printer will send the reports/graphs to the currently selected printer.  Selecting Email to Client will send an email to the client with the reports/graphs attached.  Use the "Email Options..." button to customize the subject and email message.  (Sending e-mail with this feature requires a properly configured e-mail client that supports simple MAPI.)  Selecting Image File will create a JPEG and an EMF file for each report/graph window.  Reports can also be output to CSV files.


The option Auto-Size Report Columns automatically resizes report columns as each client's reports are created.  This option ensures no data gets truncated and there is no extra white space.  This option would normally be left on.


When printing, choose Printer Options... to select the printer, adjust the page setup options, and choose the print job name.  Setting the print job name is most useful when printing to a PDF printer, as this will set the default filename for each client's output PDF file.  The print job name can include fields such that each print job name is customized with that client's information.


When images or CSV files are being output, all files will be placed into a folder named "BatchPrint_<MMDDYY>, where <MMDDYY> is the current month, day, and year.  This folder will be created inside the specified output folder.  The filename for the output files can be either <Username>,<Group>,<Statement> or just <Statement>.  Use the first choice when printing statements to use with the Client Statement Service.  The Upload Client Statements dialog will automatically be shown after batch printing when using this filename choice.


Notes on Image Size for Email or Saving:
When using Email to Client or Image File output options, images files are created to attach to the email or save to the specified folder.  For graph windows the image size (pixel dimensions) depends on the state of the foreground window when initiating batch printing/emailing.

Maximized:  If the current window is in the maximized state, all graph image files will be the full client area of the top Fund Manager application window.  To make the image larger, size your Fund Manager window larger.  To make the image smaller, size your Fund Manager window smaller.  When multiple graphs are being output, they will all be the same size.


Restored:  If the current window is in the restored state, each graph image file is output at that graph window's size.  To make the image larger, size that graph window larger.  To make the image smaller, size that graph window smaller.  When multiple graphs are being output, each graph will be sized according to that graph window's size.

When emailing a report window, the image size will be whatever size is necessary to display all of the report.  (Window size/state does not matter for report images.)


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