Sector Allocation Report


This report can be created by selecting the Reports / Sector Allocation... command from within any window.


This report shows portfolio value allocation among each of the 100 sector categories for both the beginning and ending report dates.  See Sector Retrieval to automatically retrieve asset types for your investments.  The following columns are displayed for this report type:


Beg Value

Value of this sector at the start of the beginning report date.
(This is the closing value on the date prior to the report's starting date.)

Beg %

Percentage of portfolio value on beginning date for this sector.


Out of pocket contributions you made into this sector. The sum of all purchases minus all redemptions within the specified date range. (Does not include reinvested distributions.) Includes transactions from the starting, through the ending report date.


Sum of any received distributions from this sector during date range. Does not include reinvested distributions. Includes distributed distributions from the starting, through the ending report date.

End Value

The market value of this sector on the ending report date.

End %

Percentage of portfolio value on ending date for this sector.


The value gained by this sector for the specified time period.
(Gain = End Value + Distrib. - Invested - Beg Value)

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