Investment Properties - General Dialog


This dialog is available by right mouse clicking on any investment in the Portfolio Editor, and choosing Properties... from the popup menu.  It is also available by right mouse clicking on any investment in the Graph or a Report window, and choosing Investment Properties... from the popup menu.



The name assigned to this investment.


The symbol assigned to this investment. (It is important for the correct symbol to be entered when retrieving or importing prices.)


Indicates the currency assigned to this investment.


Indicates the investment type.  For control over how to record transactions for this investment see Investment Properties - Other Dialog.  The investment type labels and display order can be set in the Investment Type Options Dialog.  The following default investment types are available

Cash  (A money market or any other cash account)

Treasury Bill



No-Load Mutual Fund  (A mutual fund that doesn't charge a fee for purchases or redemptions)

Loaded Mutual Fund  (A mutual fund that does charge a fee for purchases or redemptions)


Exchange Traded Fund




Exchange Rate  (An investment used to track the exchange rate between different currencies)

Index  (An investment for tracking indices, such as the S & P 500)

User-defined 1-12  (12 other investment types that can be used for whatever you prefer)



Optional description of this investment

Account Number

Optionally enter the account number for this investment


Optionally enter the CUSIP or ISIN number for this investment. This is utilized for matching transactions retrieved from your broker or mutual fund company with your current investments.  Many broker/dealer interfaces also utilize this for matching transactions with investments.

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