Data Register


This dialog is available from the Edit / All Data... menu command, or by choosing the button on the toolbar.


This dialog is a data register, providing access to all recorded price and transaction data. New transactions and prices can be recorded, or existing data can be edited or deleted. By choosing an investment from the "Investment" combo box, you can view or edit data for any open investment. The following data types may be select from the "Data Type" combo box:



All historical share prices

All Transactions

All Share Transactions, Distributions, and Split transactions

Share Transactions

All purchases, reinvestments, redemptions, transfer in, and transfer out transactions


Only purchases


Only reinvestments


Only redemptions

Transfers In

Only transfer in transactions

Transfers out

Only transfer out transactions


All distributions


Only dividend distributions

ST Cap Gains

Only short term capital gain distributions

MT Cap Gains

Only medium term capital gain distributions

LT Cap Gains

Only long term capital gain distributions

Interest Income

Only interest income distributions

Account Fees

Only account fee distributions (negative)

Return of Capital

Only return of capital distributions


Only 'other' type distributions

Foreign Tax

Only 'foreign tax' type distributions

User-defined 1

Only 'user-defined 1' type distributions

User-defined 2

Only 'user-defined 2' type distributions


Only 'accretion' type distributions


Only 'amortization' type distributions






Price and Date Alerts


The indented data types are sub-categories of the less-indented data type above them.  For example, Dividends are a type of Distribution.  When selecting Dividends, the list only displays Dividend type of Distributions.  Selecting Distributions will show all different types of distributions.


Depending on the "Data Type", there will be a different icon next to each entry, indicating certain information:



The change in closing price from the previous entry

Share Transactions

The flow of cash for that transaction


Whether the distribution was reinvested or distributed


Split or recombination


Alert status: Active, Complete, or Expired


The Edit... and Delete push buttons allow any highlighted line in the "Data" list box to be modified.  The New... push button will create a new entry.  You can select multiple items at once using the Shift and Ctrl keys.  Pricing and transaction data may be copied and pasted among the investments.  Use the More >> button for performing other operations related to this investment or the Data Register in general.


This is a re-sizeable dialog box which can remain open while performing other operations inside Fund Manager.


Sort the viewed data by clicking on any column header you wish to sort by. Click it again, to toggle the sort order between ascending/descending. The column currently being sorted by will have an arrow in the columnís header. The arrow faces down when the data is sorted in a descending order, and faces up when ascending. Column orders may be rearranged by clicking on a column's header, and dragging it to the new location. Columns may be resized by clicking/dragging a column header's border. Column sizes and order are memorized for future Fund Manager sessions.  The initial selection for Data Type can be customized in the General Preferences - Other Dialog.  Date and number formatting can be customized in the General Preferences - Display Dialog.  Fonts and colors can be customized in the General Preferences - Data Register Display Dialog.

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