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"Fund Manager is the most comprehensive investment management software I’ve yet found." (full review)

Cris Sholto Heaton
Investment Analyst for MoneyWeek Magazine

"Fund Manager can only be described as an extraordinary value.  The price is truly modest when compared to competing products.  Furthermore, I have found that Fund Manager comes with the best service imaginable.  This is the perfect software for the small Registered Investment Advisor firm."

Bob Carson
Carson Capital Management

"Once again, many thanks for what is clearly the best tech support in the industry (based on my experience with 4 other adviser PM software packages).  I've re-uped by paying my upgrade fee for V11.  Cheap at twice the price."

Elliot Lipson
Horizons Financial Advisors

"I have been using your program for several years.  Your company excels in every area.  Your program is well thought out and stable.  Your instructions are customer oriented and easy to follow.  Your support is five star (although rarely needed).  I work with computers for a living and I cannot think of another program that excels in all these areas as yours does."

S. Burgess

"This is the most fantastic software program I've ever seen.  Very comprehensive!"

D. Dunlavy

"This is a TERRIFIC program.  I like it very much! I have Street Smart from Charles Schwab, but it doesn't hold a candle to your program!"

K. Teller

"I've been using FM since around 1996.  Being a complete novice to investing, I needed software that was intuitive enough where I didn't have to understand portfolio management in order to track the one IRA I had just acquired.  At the time, I looked at several packages, but found FM not only easy to use, but also could grow with my investments over time.  Over eight years and many investments later, I still use FM as my only portfolio manager.  I've compared it to Microsoft Money and Intuit Quicken, but came right back.  Its flexibility, customer service, and continued support make it second to none."

H. Parsons

"Just downloaded your latest update and I am NOT disappointed.  I use this program nightly.  I think the computer knows when I turn it on what program I am going to use.  I don't believe there is a commercial program on the market that can match what this program can do for the money.  Once again thank you for all you have done for the serious investor."

M. Cole

"A GREAT program - produces better financial picture than my Merrill Lynch broker can develop."

D. Cox

"It was last week that I noticed that Yahoo UK was not providing prices and within days I have the relevant software update to automatically obtain updates again.  Brilliant service.  Many thanks."

P. Gleed

"Ran Quicken for awhile.  Like Fund Manager better!"

J. Amesbury

"Most used program I have, use it everyday."

S. Sybesma

"If you are seriously into investing then Fund Manager was designed just for you. It creates charts for you to use in analyzing the performance of your investments. You can look at just about any data available concerning your investment.

Samples files are loaded when you install the program and are helpful in getting you started and orienting you to the environment. Setting up new investments is easy enough also - just select "New Investment" from the File menu and start filling in the blanks on the form. As I progressed through the various features I found myself accessing Help quite often. The Help was always there and provided the needed answer or information.

Up to nine charts (investments) can be displayed in one window. Double clicking on anyone zooms it to full screen. Naturally, the fewer the charts displayed, the larger they appear on the screen. If you can imagine a way to look at data in chart form regarding your investment, you probably can view it in Fund Manager. Examples are: Fund value, Share price, Price + dist and so forth.
This program is not for the timid, it is a full featured investment tracker that roars."

D. Wolf
Host of Personal Finance Software Center on America Online
Fund Manager was chosen as an Editor's Best Pick
Excerpt is from Best Pick review

"This is an excellent product - well done! I'm very impressed by the ease of use."

E. Nellen

"This is the best portfolio software I've ever seen."

J. Ross

"My financial advisor saw my printouts, and says this is better than the software he's using himself.  Love it!"

B. Garwood

"Just wanted to let you know I'm rather impressed with Fund Manager.  I particularly like the multitude of graphing, report and import options.  FM is commercial quality and the registration price is quite reasonable."

M. Bernard

"I have evaluated numerous software products either from vendors associated with my broker-dealer, or on my own.  Your product is the best I have seen for ease of use and complexity of detail for reporting."

D. Smith

"Think your program is great.  I use it every day."

J. Wills

"Comprehensive, yet simple to use."

J. Evans

"Fund Manager is one of those rare programs that makes you feel like a smart shopper after having purchased it.  It's one of the best software values that I have found in my 14 years of personal computing, offering functionality and ease of use at a fantastic price."

T. Gadd

"I just wanted to take a moment to thank you for the absolutely excellent software that comprises the Fund Manager.  Using this program has made tracking my portfolio so much simpler.  I'm just an average person trying to invest wisely, and your program helps to make this easier to do."

M. Mrvichin

"I love your program. It's one of the most important and useful tools I have to manage my personal finances."

S. Brenner

"Your program has such awesome potential for advisors and we are absolutely pleased with it and the support you?ve given us."

G. Evans

"Just wanted to let you know first what a great program Fund Manager is.  I've only been using it a short while and am already appreciating its powerful capabilities.  It is an outstanding value at a modest price."

B. Rawlinson

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