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How do I enter my license into Fund Manager?

When you purchase Fund Manager you will be emailed a license.  This license needs to be copied from the email and then pasted into Fund Manager under "Help / Enter License Key...".  When copying, include all lines starting with and including "---BEGIN LICENSE---" up through and including the line with "---END LICENSE---".  You can copy more than this, like the whole email, but at a minimum it must include the section with the license.  A sample license will look like:

<some text>

After you've copied the license from the email, open up Fund Manager and select "Help" from the top menu and then "Enter License Key...".  If the license was correctly copied to the clipboard you will be notified the license key was accepted okay.  If not, the license key dialog will be opened, where you can paste the license.  Press OK to confirm a valid license was pasted okay.

Possible Problems:

  1. Make sure you have installed the same version you purchased.  For example, if you purchased the Professional version, make sure you have the Professional version installed.  You can obtain Fund Manager from our download page.  You need to have your purchased version installed before entering the license.
  2. If you didn't receive your license you can have it re-sent to you by going here.
  3. If you are unable to paste into the license dialog:
    • Make sure you've copied the license first.  Test pasting into another application, like Notepad, to confirm you have copied the license.
    • If you are using a program called Webroot, you may need to give Fund Manager permissions in that program  (see instructions)

Please contact us if none of these tips resolve getting your license successfully entered.

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