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Why does my portfolio value display as N/A?

If your portfolio consists of investments in different currencies, turn on "View / Exchange Rate Adjusted" to see the portfolio value displayed in your default currency.

If turning on "View / Exchange Rate Adjusted" still results in N/A values, make sure any "exchange rate" type investments and any investments assigned as exchange rates under "Options / Currency Settings..." are assigned to the top-most/default currency.  See "Investment Properties...".

By default, Fund Manager will not sum values from different currencies. When the "Exchange Rate Adjusted" option is off, and an object combines values from multiple currencies, N/A will be reported. For example, a portfolio value will be N/A if that portfolio contains investments using more than 1 currency and the exchange rate adjusted option is off.

If you prefer to allow combining values from different currencies, you can turn on the option: "Options / General Preferences... / Other / Allow Summing Values from Different Currencies".

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