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Why aren't my older transactions showing up when retrieving from my broker?

The transaction retrieve feature in Fund Manager accesses your broker's Open Financial Exchange (OFX) server to automatically obtain your transactions.  Some brokers and mutual fund companies only keep transactions available on their OFX server for a limited amount of time.  The amount of transaction history available can vary by broker.  Some make all transactions since inception available, some keep 2 years, some offer as little as 90 days.  It is entirely up to the broker/fund company to determine the amount of historical transactions made available.  Fund Manager is capable of downloading all available transactions, there are no time limits due to Fund Manager.

To help set up new accounts when not all the historical transactions are available use the "New Portfolio Wizard" in Fund Manager and select the option to "Retrieve Transactions and Positions". When using this setup method Fund Manager will retrieve all available historical transactions, and if necessary record a single adjustment to get your current positions correct.  An adjustment transaction will only be necessary when all historical transactions were not available.

Example:  Assume you've purchased 10 shares per month for the last 36 months, so you currently own 360 shares.  When historical transactions were retrieved, data for only the last 24 months was available, so the available transactions can only account for 240 of the 360 shares.  Fund Manager will record an additional purchase of 120 shares at the beginning of this time period, so your current share balance will be correct.  If desired, you can later go back and manually edit/delete this adjustment transaction, and replace it with the actual transaction data.

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