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Transaction/Position Retrieve

Fund Manager can retrieve transactions and positions directly from a wide variety of brokers and mutual fund companies.  (Read this if you don't see your broker or mutual fund company listed.)  The following are supported:

  • Advantage Capital
  • Alight Solutions
  • American Century Brokerage
  • American Century Investments (read tips)
  • American Express Brokerage
  • American Funds (read tips)
  • Ameriprise Brokerage 133 Direct
  • Ameriprise Financial Services
  • AmeriVest
  • AmSouth Investment Services
  • Ariel Investments
  • Banc of America Investment Services (read tips)
  • Barclays Capital (read tips)
  • Bernstein Global Wealth Management
  • BNY Mellon Wealth Management
  • BrownCo
  • Cambridge Investment Research
  • Capital One Investing
  • Charles Schwab - NEW (read tips)
  • Citi Personal Wealth Management
  • Columbia Management
  • Compass Brokerage
  • Credit Suisse Securities USA
  • CRI Securities
  • D. A. Davidson & Co.
  • Davenport & Company
  • Deutsche Bank Securities
  • Dodge and Cox Funds
  • Dreyfus
  • DWS Investments
  • Edward Jones
  • FBRDirect
  • Fidelity Investments
  • Fidelity NetBenefits
  • First Clearing
  • First Command Select Investor Program
  • First Republic Securities
  • First Southwest Company
  • Franklin Templeton
  • FSC Securities
  • Goldman Sachs Private Wealth
  • GunnAllen Financial
  • Harbor Funds
  • Harris Investor Services
  • Harrisdirect
  • Hewitt Financial Services
  • ING Financial Partners
  • International Assets Advisory
  • Invesco AIM
  • Janney Montgomery Scott
  • Janus Funds
  • KMS Financial Services
  • Mercantile Brokerage Services
  • Merrill Lynch & Co.
  • MetLife Securities
  • Morgan Keegan
  • Morgan Stanley Wealth Management (read tips)
  • myStreetscape
  • National Planning Corporation
  • NetExchange Client (read tips)
  • Neuberger Berman
  • New England Securities
  • NMIS
  • Northern Trust - Investments
  • Oakmark Funds
  • Oppenheimer
  • OptionsXpress
  • Oregon College Savings Plan
  • Peremel & Company
  • Pershing Advisor Solutions
  • PNC Investments, LLC
  • Principal Financial Group
  • Principal Funds
  • Prudential Retirement (read tips)
  • RBC Wealth Management
  • Royal Alliance
  • Ryan Beck & Co
  • ScholarShare College Savings Plan
  • Schwab Retirement Plan Services - NEW
  • Securian Financial Services
  • Securities America
  • Sentinel Securities
  • Smith Barney - Investments
  • Stanford Group Company
  • State Trust
  • Stifel Nicolaus
  • Stifel - SWT (read tips)
  • T. Rowe Price
  • T. Rowe Price - Brokerage
  • T. Rowe Price Retirement Plans
  • TD Ameritrade
  • The Investment Center
  • TIAA-CREF 401(k) / 403(b)
  • TIAA-CREF Brokerage Services
  • Tower Square Securities
  • UBS Financial Services
  • USAA Investment Management (read tips)
  • VALIC (read tips)
  • Vanguard Group (read tips)
  • Voya Financial Advisors
  • Voya Institutional Plan Services
  • Wachovia Securities
  • Waddell and Reed - Ivy Funds
  • Wall Street Access
  • Walnut Street Securities
  • Wealthscape Investor
  • Weitz Funds
  • Wells Fargo Advantage Funds
  • Wells Fargo Advisor
  • Wells Fargo Investments
  • Wells Fargo Trust - Investment Mgt
  • Wells Fargo Trust Direct
  • Winslow, Evans & Crocker
  • WaMu Investments
  • Zions Direct

For sub-portfolios enabled for online access, you can perform any of these actions:

  1. Retrieve transactions directly from your broker or mutual fund company using the Edit / Internet Retrieve / Transactions... menu command.  You can also press the transaction retrieve button button on the toolbar.
  2. Retrieve positions for reconciling your account by using the Edit / Reconcile... menu command and choosing the option to retrieve the statement from your broker/fund company.
  3. Retrieve transactions and positions for setting up new accounts by using the New Portfolio Setup Wizard (File / New Portfolio Wizard...).

Setup Instructions:
You will need to have an online account set up with your broker/fund company.  Some broker/fund companies actually have a separate account for this service.  It may be called Direct Download or Web Connect.  It is the same feature used by Quicken and Microsoft Money to download transactions.  Once you get signed up with your broker/fund company you should receive a User ID/password.  Use the Portfolio Editor to set up a sub-portfolio for this broker/fund company.  Assign this User ID/password in the sub-portfolio's properties.  On the Portfolio Properties Dialog there will be a "Transaction Retrieve Settings..." button where you assign your broker, User ID, password, and account number for this sub-portfolio.  Then, just do an internet retrieve of your transactions using the Edit / Internet Retrieve / Transactions... menu command, or by pressing the transaction retrieve button button on the toolbar.

The "Retrieve Transactions" dialog allows you to choose which sub-portfolio to retrieve.  You can also select the "Also Retrieve All Sub-Portfolios" to retrieve all sub-portfolios below the selected sub-portfolio.  You can control the date range of transactions to retrieve.  Fund Manager remembers the date of your last retrieve for each sub-portfolio, and sets this as the default starting date.  Once you press the "Next" button, Fund Manager will retrieve your transactions and you will be taken to the Preview Importing Transactions page to see what transactions will be updated.

When Fund Manager retrieves transactions from your broker or mutual fund company, a CUSIP is provided with each downloaded transaction.  When Fund Manager matches up retrieved transactions with your existing investments, it first looks for investments with a matching CUSIP.  If a matching investment could not be found based on CUSIP, it next looks for a match based on the recorded symbol.  Using the CUSIP to match your transactions up with your investments will be more reliable than using the symbol, as some broker and mutual fund companies do not always provide the symbol, although they do always provide a CUSIP.  Using the CUSIP for transaction retrieves also allows you to record an independent symbol for price retrieval, in case the quote server you're using uses a different symbol.

Comments:  This feature retrieves your transactions over the internet using the "Open Financial Exchange" protocol, which is an encrypted, secure protocol (HTTPS).  See this security FAQ.

Technical DetailsFund Manager can optionally log the communication with your broker to a set of log files.  To enable logging, turn ON the option "Options / General Preferences... / Other / Create Log Files When Importing Transactions".  After a transaction retrieve there will be 2 log files available from "Help / Logs / Transaction Retrieve...".  There is a "Raw" log and a "Parsed" log.  The raw log is the un-modified data received from the OFX server.  The parsed version is a more human readable format of the raw log file. | Search | Site Map | About Us | Privacy Policy