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Is the license a one-time fee, or are there recurring costs?

The license fee is a one-time charge.  We do not charge annual or recurring subscription fees, but to maintain access to the online features you must be using the current major version.  When you purchase a Fund Manager license, that license is specific to a major version, and you can use that version forever, without any recurring costs to keep using your purchased version.  All minor updates to your licensed version are free.  About every 2 years we release a major update.  If you want to use the new version and keep access to online features you can upgrade your license for the "Upgrade" fee.  You do not have to purchase an upgrade, you can continue using your licensed version forever (without online features) without any recurring fees.

Online Features:  To utilize features that connect to the internet, like price and transaction retrieval, you must be using the current major version.  This means in order to maintain access to price and transaction retrieval you would need to purchase an "Upgrade" approximately every 2 years.

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