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Why isn't the price updating for my investment?

Check the following:

  • Make sure the investment's "symbol" property is recorded correctly.  Look in "Investment Properties... / General" to see the recorded symbol.
  • Verify that the symbol you're trying to retrieve is available on the quote server you're using.  To figure out what quote server you're using for this investment check "Investment Properties... / Internet Retrieve".  Make sure this investment has the option to "Retrieve Price" turned on.  If this investment is set to retrieve using the <Default Server> you can find this under "Options / Internet Settings...".  Visit this quote server with your web browser, and verify the symbol you're retrieving is available.  For links to all the quote server, see the list of supported quote servers.
  • Make sure you are using the latest quote module.  To check for any available updates, select the menu command "Help / Fund Manager on the Web / Check for Updates".

For an overview of how to retrieve prices, see the Retrieving Prices Tutorial.

If you have verified that your symbol is available, and you still cannot retrieve this quote, please contact us with the symbol, quote server, and quote module version you're using.

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