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How can multiple users share data in Fund Manager?

Fund Manager is not "networkable" in that multiple users cannot be accessing the same data files at the same time.  There are however a couple of options that can be used to allow multiple users to share data in Fund Manager:

  1. Store your data on a shared drive that all users have access to.  When creating investments and saving your portfolio file, save everything to this shared drive.  To also share preferences, such as memorized reports, enable the portable/cloud mode.  Only 1 user can have the data open at a time.  If a second user wants access to the data, the first user must first close Fund Manager.  When using the portable/cloud mode with the Advisor version of Fund Manager data protection is enabled, to ensure no more than one user is modifying the data at a given time.  When not using data protection there are no protections built into Fund Manager to prevent multiple users from overwriting each other's changes, so it is up to the users to be careful, and make sure only one user at a time has the data open.  (Related Tip:  If retrieving or importing transactions, click the "Options..." button next to the "Create New Investments As Needed" option to specify the location where new investments will be stored.)
  2. Use the Backup and Restore feature to transfer the data back/forth between computers.  Each user has his/her own copy of the data.  You may elect to have one person always have the "golden" copy of the data and be in charge of making data entries.  Other users can receive a backup copy of the golden data, and restore it on their computer, so they have a copy to work with.  This method is safer than option #1, as no possibility of overwriting each other's changes exists.

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