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Helpful Tips

  • Read a list of frequently asked questions and answers.
  • Retrieve your prices from the internet.  It is a very quick and easy method to update prices.  For more information and tips on using this feature click here.
  • Use a quote server with "Historical" in the name to easily retrieve historical prices for your investments
  • Use sub-portfolios to organize your accounts.  See the Portfolio Editor and Sub-Portfolio tutorials
  • Retrieve transactions directly from your broker or fund company.
  • To retrieve historical prices on only selected investments (like when you've just added a new investment to your portfolio), right mouse click on the selected investments and choose Retrieve Selected Prices from the popup menu.  This makes your price retrieve go quicker, as you're only retrieving for the selected investments.
  • Keep track of your investment's expense ratio and total expense costs
  • Use the 1, 4, or 9 keys to quickly change the number of graphs displayed.  See Keyboard Shortcuts for other time saving tips.
  • Left drag the cursor to zoom in on a region of a graph.  Use the 'u' key to undo the zoom. See Mouse Commands for other time saving tips with the mouse.
  • Read about how to handle short positions in Fund Manager.
  • Read about how to handle options in Fund Manager.
  • Fund Manager can import transaction history from Quicken's QIF files.  Quicken, Microsoft Money, and many other sources will export QIF files.  When exporting QIF from Microsoft Money specify "strict QIF".  See QIF Importing in the documentation.
  • Instructions are available for importing from Captools for Windows.
  • Instructions are available for importing from PortfolioCenter.
  • You can track multiple currency portfolios in Fund Manager.  You can track investments in up to 25 different currencies.  Set up an "exchange rate" type investment to track the exchange rate for each currency.  A useful link to get the symbols for these investments is:  Once you set up the exchange rate investments, assign them under the Currency Settings Dialog.  See the multiple currency tutorial for step by step instructions.
  • For Canadian stock and mutual funds use the Canada Stockwatch quote server to retrieve prices.  The Fund Library server also has Canadian mutual fund quotes.  The Canada Stockwatch (3M Historical) server can be used to get historical prices on your Canadian stocks and funds.
  • Canadian investors may wish to check out Canada Stockwatch. This is a fee based service which offers historical prices on Canadian stocks as well as mutual funds. The generic import command in Fund Manager can import this data.  Download the "ASCII2" format, and use the format string: SYMB,MM/DD/YY,XX,HH,LL,NAV,VV.
  • Export data from Fasttrack and import it into Fund Manager with the generic import command and the format string "SYMB","MM/DD/YY",XX,NAV,XX
  • Get ASX historical quotes at or
  • See the instructions for downloading and importing historical French prices. | Search | Site Map | About Us | Privacy Policy