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Importing From Captools for Windows

Follow these steps to export from Captools, and import into Fund Manager:

  1. Export your transactions from Captools
  2. Use the provided Excel template to translate the export
  3. Import into Fund Manager with the Generic transaction import

1)  Start Captools for Windows and open up your portfolio.  If you have multiple accounts, you must export transactions for each account separately.  With your portfolio's transactions being displayed, select "View / Standard View (Default)" from the menu.  Select "File / Export".  Press the "Select..." button to create a new export format and assign it a filename.  Press the "Edit..." button to bring up the "Export Format Parameters" dialog.  On the "Fields" tab, choose "Include All Fields".  On the "First/Last" tab turn on the option to include headers on the first row.  Check the "Date/Symbol" tab to make sure the default date format is set to mm/dd/yy.  Select OK to save your changes, and return to the "Export" dialog.  Press "Export" to actually do the export.  You will assign the exported data a filename.

2)  Download this Excel template.  Use Excel to open up the CSV file from step #1 and this template.  Copy/paste the data from your exported data over the sample data in the template's "Captools Export" sheet.  Enter the symbol of your cash account into the "Mappings" sheet, cell F1.  Switch to the "Fund Manager Import" sheet and choose "File / Save As...".  Select the CSV file format, and save this sheet to a new file.

3)  Start Fund Manager and use "File / Import / Transactions / Generic...".  Select the file you created in step #2 to import.  For the input format string, use:


Leave the option to import into a specific investment turned off.  Turn on the option to create new investments automatically, and press "Next".  After previewing transactions, leave on the option to "Automatically Record Corresponding Entry In Default Cash Account".

When Fund Manager asks which investment is your default cash account, choose the existing "(CASH)" investment, or whatever you have on the Mappings sheet, cell F1. | Search | Site Map | About Us | Privacy Policy