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How to track Expense Ratio and Expense Cost:

You can track expense ratio by using one of the custom investment properties.  First, go to "Options / Custom Investment Properties..." and define one of the available custom fields to a name of:

Expense Ratio

with a type of "Number" and a "Combination Method" of "Weighted Average" and decimals "2". Next, go to each of your investments, and under "Investment Properties... / Custom" enter the expense ratio for each investment.  For example, if the expense ratio is 0.75%, enter 0.75.

You can then report on the expense ratio in either the Portfolio Editor, or a Custom report.  To get this expense into a value based number in a Custom report, define a user-defined field with the equation:


The "User-Defined..." button is in the bottom/left of the "Custom Settings" dialog where you choose which fields to add to your Custom report.  This user-defined field feature is available in the Professional and Advisor versions, but not the Personal version.

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