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How can I retrieve pricing data for bonds?

Pricing data for bonds can be retrieved using the Finra - Bonds, FondsCheck, Boerse Berlin - Bonds, or Boerse Stuttgart quote servers.  Click the links to read more about how to use each of those quote servers.

In order to retrieve prices from a particular server you can either select it to be your default quote server, or you can choose to only retrieve your bond investments from this server.  To only retrieve your bond investments from this server, select this server for each bond investment under "Investment Properties... / Internet Retrieve", or if you are using the Advisor version you can select it on a per-symbol basis using "Edit / Symbol List... / Internet Retrieve / Edit...".

You can set the default quote server settings for your new investments under "Options / Internet Settings... / New Investment Defaults...".

Bond pricing is typically around 100, as it is a percentage of face value.  To get a correct bond valuation you normally record the shares as 1/100th the face value.  See Recording Bond Transactions in the documentation.

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