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How do I hide investments that have been sold?

Watch the video: Fund Manager Hidden Investment and Portfolio Tutorial

When you sell all shares of an investment you may want to "hide" it.  Hidden investments are still included in portfolio calculations, so your historical performance will still factor in any hidden investments.  Hiding investments is usually preferable to "closing" them.  A closed investment is not included in the portfolio.

To control whether hidden investments are displayed, see the menu command View / Hidden Investments/Portfolios.

The hidden attribute of an investment can be manually adjusted in the Investment Properties... / Other dialog, or you can use the File / File Operations / Hide Sold Investments... dialog to automatically hide/un-hide multiple investments based on a date range.

Example:  Let's say you want to create a report for last quarter that does not display any previously sold investments.  Select File / File Operations / Hide Sold Investments... and select the portfolio you'll be reporting on.  Enter last quarter for the date range, and place a check mark in the "Un-Hide Non-Sold Investments".  Press OK.  This will hide any investments that had a zero share balance for all of last quarter, and un-hide any investments that owned shares during the quarter.  Make sure the option View / Hidden Investments/Portfolios is turned off.

Reports Only Alternative:
An alternative to hiding investments is to let Fund Manager automatically not display them in reports, based on whether or not you own shares for the reporting period.  From within a report window see Options / Report Preferences... / General / Do Not Display Investments With Zero Share Balance.  This command offers 3 choices:

  • Never (show all investments)
  • On Ending Report Date
  • Over Entire Report Date Range

Unlike hiding investments, this option only affects reports.  One benefit of this method is that Fund Manager automatically adjusts which investments are shown, as you adjust report date ranges, etc.  You do not have to mark any investments with the hidden attribute for this approach.  You can also use a combination of both hidden investments and this report option.

When you turn on the menu command View / Hidden Investments/Portfolios all investments are always displayed, regardless of whether they are hidden or have zero shares.

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