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Re: Help error message

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Posted by Mark on October 23, 2002 at 07:03:10:

In Reply to: Re: Help error message posted by Willis Dillon on October 22, 2002 at 13:47:52:

: : : Am upgrading from FMv5 to FMv6. Just installed FM v6 but can't use Help. Get error message "Microsoft Help has encountered a problem & needs to close. We are sorry for the inconvenience." Am using Windows XP. Installed FM v6 in same folder as FM v5. Other parts of program seem to work O.K.
: : : In your preliminary instructions you said that the installation of v6 would overwrite v5. I still have v5 as well as v6 on my hard disk--both in the Fund Manager folder.
: : : Can you help with Help?

: : Hi Willis,

: : Microsoft Help is a Microsoft product, and that is what is crashing. I don't
: : think it is a generic problem with Microsoft Help, as it works when I test
: : it on XP. Does the problem happen repeatedly? If you want, I can e-mail
: : you a version 5 help file to see if that will open on your system? You might
: : also try re-booting your PC to see if that clears up whatever the problem may be.

: : Thanks,
: : Mark
: : --
: : Mark Beiley
: :
: : Fund Manager, portfolio management software for Windows 95/98/ME/NT/00/XP
: : /XP
: :

: Mark--
: Yes, it does happen repeatedly. Rebooting doesn't make any difference.
: Another bit of information that may be relevant--as I stated previously both FMv5 & FMv6 are in the same folder. I thought that when I installed FMv6 it would overwrite FMv5. This did not happen as evidenced that both versions are now present. FMv5 will start up when activated--the Help utility shows the same error message when requested. Does the fact that both versions are present cause a conflict in Help? Perhaps I should delete the FMv5.exe file or must I use uninstall to get it out of the folder?

: Willis

Hi Willis,

Did you install FM6 to the same directory as FM5? It sounds like they
are installed in different directories, otherwise you wouldn't be able
to start both of them. Are you sure you're able to start both of the
different versions? You probably still have an FM5 as well as a new FM6
icon in the Start/Programs/Fund Manager menu, but they would both
be pointing to the same executable if you install FM6 to the same directory
as FM5. You can verify the version of the program you're running by
using "Help/About..." from within the program. In any case, I don't think
this should cause the problems with the help system crashing.

Let me try e-mailing you the FM5 help file, and we'll see if that crashes
the Help program.

Mark Beiley

Fund Manager, portfolio management software for Windows 95/98/ME/NT/00/XP

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