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Version Comparison Table

Fund Manager is available in Personal, Professional, and Advisor versions.  The Personal version is primarily for the individual investor.  The Professional version is intended for professional traders.  The Advisor version is for financial advisors, representatives, or broker/dealers (anyone managing money for clients)

The Personal, Professional, and Advisor versions all use the same file format.  You can use these versions interchangeably on your same data files.

The following table shows a feature comparison of the different versions:

Personal Professional Advisor
Manage Your Portfolio
Investment Records Management

(recording transactions, splits, etc...)

Yes Yes Yes
Portfolios Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Max Investments in a Portfolio 500 5,000 50,000
Internet Price Retrieve Yes Yes Yes
Direct Internet Transaction Retrieve Yes Yes Yes
Automatic Asset/Sector Retrieval Yes Yes Yes
50 Graph Types Yes Yes Yes
22 Report Types Yes Yes Yes
Capital Gain Calculations:

FIFO, AVG, or Specific Lot

Yes Yes Yes
Export to Tax Software Yes Yes Yes
Bond Calculations/Income Schedule Yes Yes Yes
Price Alerts Yes Yes Yes
Yield Calculations Yes Yes Yes
Graph Markers and Trendlines Yes Yes Yes
Multiple Currency Support Yes Yes Yes
Import/Export of Data Yes Yes Yes
Asset Allocation Yes Yes Yes
Rebalance Holdings Yes Yes Yes
Mobile/Web Access Yes Yes Yes
All other features Yes Yes Yes
Advanced Trading/Analytical Features
Advanced Statistics

(Sharpe Ratio, Beta, Correlation, etc...)

  Yes Yes
Technical Analysis   Yes Yes
Risk/Reward Scatter Plots   Yes Yes
Retrieve Historical Div./Splits   Yes Yes
Trailing Stop Loss Alerts   Yes Yes
Moving Average Alerts   Yes Yes
Date Based Alerts   Yes Yes
Portfolio Alerts   Yes Yes
Wash Sale Support   Yes Yes
Real-Time Quotes   Yes Yes
User-Defined Custom Report Fields   Yes Yes
Create Blended/Hypothetical Investments   Yes Yes
Bond Accretion/Amortization Calculator   Yes Yes
Correlation Matrix Report   Yes Yes
Seasonality Graphs/Report   Yes Yes
Client Management Features
Client Management Support     Yes
E-mail Graphs/Reports to Clients     Yes
Batch Printing     Yes
Institutional Broker-Dealer Interfaces:



Fidelity Advisor


Interactive Brokers


Schwab Data Delivery

TD Ameritrade


Bulk Reconciliation     Yes
Graph/Report Publishing Support     Yes
Advanced Report Filters/Display     Yes
Report Disclaimers     Yes
Your Logo on Reports     Yes
Management Fee Calculations/Report     Yes
Executive Summary Report     Yes
Invoice Report     Yes
Client Statement Service     Yes
Cost (new user) $139 $325 $1,650

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