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FM 6.0 Beta& 5.3 warning

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Posted by Lawrence Brandon on September 17, 2002 at 06:46:55:

Hi Mark;
Your saying that FM 6 Beta and FM 5.3 can run on the same computer isn't true. I installed FM 6 Beta in the file Fund Manager Beta. I did not install in the FM 5.3 folder. When I ran FM 6 Beta in automatically converted all my FM 5.3 file to the new file format FM 5.3 won't do anything anymore. That isn't a real problem unless there are a lot of bugs in FM 6 Beta. I made a back up yesterday and have all files on another computer that is still running FM 5.3
I was planning to upgrade after the testing was done anyway.

Thank you

L. D. Brandon Jr.

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