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Re: Another 2 country query

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Posted by Mark on January 15, 2002 at 07:58:47:

In Reply to: Another 2 country query posted by John Golder on January 15, 2002 at 04:31:40:

: Mark,

: I have a similar question to David's email (11/06/01) but when I look under "investment properties" I cannot see any place where you can change the default quote server from say the Yahoo Aust quote server to Yahoo USA quote server. The only option I see is under Investment Properties -> Other Sheet is a checkbox to internet retreive Update price. I am using an older version of the program.

: Also how do you fix an overseas investment made in say US dollars in local currency, but then allow the download of prices from a quote server to be adjusted by applying the exchange rate. As buy and sells are done at a fixed exchange rate once you do the FX conversion it shold stay fixed. I've set a exchange rate under the Options -> Currency Settings but this also adjusts the buy/sell figures as well, which obvioulsy affects the reports and performance figures.

: By the way, great little program!

: Regards, John.

Hi John,
To assign a particular quote server to an investment you will need to
be using a 5.x version. It was added as of 5.0.
There is no built in provision to enter transactions in one currency, and
retrieve quotes in a different currency for the same investment. You may
be able to find a different server/symbol that retrieves the price in the
same currency that you buy/sell it in. If not, one option would be to convert
and then record the buy/sell into the currency that you are getting quotes in.

Mark Beiley

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