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Another 2 country query

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Posted by John Golder on January 15, 2002 at 04:31:40:


I have a similar question to David's email (11/06/01) but when I look under "investment properties" I cannot see any place where you can change the default quote server from say the Yahoo Aust quote server to Yahoo USA quote server. The only option I see is under Investment Properties -> Other Sheet is a checkbox to internet retreive Update price. I am using an older version of the program.

Also how do you fix an overseas investment made in say US dollars in local currency, but then allow the download of prices from a quote server to be adjusted by applying the exchange rate. As buy and sells are done at a fixed exchange rate once you do the FX conversion it shold stay fixed. I've set a exchange rate under the Options -> Currency Settings but this also adjusts the buy/sell figures as well, which obvioulsy affects the reports and performance figures.

By the way, great little program!

Regards, John.

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