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automatic retrieval of dividend/distribution info

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Posted by Ross Stone on November 22, 2000 at 15:25:09:

Mark -

I've been using Fund Manager for the better part of a year now, and it is VERY
helpful. The only problem is that with a large number of mutual funds in several
porfolios (all family-related: five trusts about to become eight and counting,
but don't ask!), the effort to keep up with dividends and distributions is
significant, to say the least. All my accounts happen to be with TD Waterhouse.
If I were to use Waterhouse's ability to download data from the accounts to such
programs as Quicken or Money, I would get all of the dividend and distribution
data updating the portfolio in those programs automatically. Of course, I then
wouldn't have Fund Manager's multi-portfolio and excellent graphical capabilities.
Is there some way to get the distribution and dividend data into Fund Manager
automatically? (I realize that using Yahoo If not, is this a feature that is likely to be added in a near-term
future release? Is there a method of combining the use of Fund Manager with Money
or Quicken that would make sense for someone like me? Is there a competing
product that would do all of this (sorry for that question, but...)? I'm not too
worried about the cost of software, here: I'm spending outrageous amounts of
my time, and it actually does have some value! I appreciate your help. Thanks,
and take care (and Happy Thanksgiving!).


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