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Posted by Mark on November 22, 2000 at 16:36:01:

In Reply to: Additional comment posted by Ross Stone on November 22, 2000 at 15:29:40:

: Mark -

: In my original post, I should have added that I realize that using Yahoo
: (Adjusted Historical) as the souce for updating price info would cause the
: dividend-adjusted prices to be downloaded. However, it's my understanding that
: this does NOT cause the dividend (and other distributions) data to be entered
: into the fund historical record. Is that correct, or does a solution to my need
: lie somewhere in here? Thanks again.

: Ross

Hi Ross,
This is something we have tried to get added into Fund Manager. Since
we are a relatively small company it is difficult to get brokerages
interested enough to enable this for us. We have pursued this, but have
been rejected by certain brokerages, including Waterhouse. Maybe requests
from our users (like you) to their brokerages to support downloading transaction
histories into Fund Manager would spur your brokerage into action. We would
be very glad to work with any brokerages to get this capability implemented.

I do believe some brokerages allow the downloading of your transactions
into a QIF formatted file, which FM is capable of importing. This is one
suggestion. I'm not aware of any programs besides Quicken/Money that have
the capability to download your transactions.

Mark Beiley

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