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Re: ASX server still not working

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Posted by Mark on September 03, 2000 at 17:30:59:

In Reply to: ASX server still not working posted by Vince FitzGerald on September 03, 2000 at 02:29:25:

: Mark

: There have been various exchanges on this message board over recent weeks about the status of the ASX server.
: I have emailed you directly about some of the things I'd experienced, and I think you are very well aware of most if not all of status issues.
: But just for the record on this message board:

: I now have version 232 of INTENG4X.DLL, and still cannot download anything from the ASX server, not even end-of-day prices only, let alone last price plus vol, hi, low as in the past.
: (When the server was last working for me, if accessed during trading hours it would yield latest price plus hi, lo, vol; but after close of trading, last price only.
: In the past, it would yield all those data before AND after closing.)

: I should mention that I don't often try the server during trading hours -- mostly a few hours after close of trading. So I'm not absolutely sure about how the server functions currently DURING trading.

: As previously mentioned, the Yahoo Australia & NZ server seems to work fine with 'plain vanilla' stocks -- with a 3-character ASX ticker code -- but only after adding the ".AX" suffix, e.g via Edit/Investment Properties.
: Having to do that is a damn nuisance, however, as long as other sources of quotes are used which simply expect the ticker code with no suffix.

: The Yahoo Australia & NZ server extends to some of the other common types of securities based on the plain vanilla ones.
: For example, it includes NCPDP -- News Corp Preference Shares, based on NCP, the plain vanilla News Corp share.
: It also includes the widely held Telstra Corporation 'instalment receipts', series 2, whose ticker code is TLSCB, based on the ordinary shares, TLS.

: The trouble is, it doesn't cover some of the other common types, including the so-called income securities (perpetual, i.e. no maturity date, securities paying a fixed margin over the Treasury Bill rate).

: It also doesn't seem to cover ASX indexes, at least by their ASX ticker codes (e.g. The well known 'All Ordinaries', XAO).
: On the other hand, I am not sure if the ASX server as accessed via INTENG4X.DLL ever provided these either. But it did cover preference shares, income securities, instalment receipts etc etc.

: In short, it is only a partial substitute for the ASX server.

: As someone pointed out on this board, there is a free ftp site providing download data covering everything but indexes, but only after midnight.
: Another site for delayed free stuff is, but it only covers a selection of ASX listed securities (albeit a fairly extensive selection).
: It does provide indexes, however!

: In short, a return to full functionality (maybe without indexes) for the ASX server via INTENG4X.DLL would be very greatly appreciated!!!!

: All the alternatives I am aware of have some significant deficiency.

: Cheers

: Vince FitzGerald

I am aware that FM isn't updating "interest rate securities" from this
server, but it does appear to be working properly for normal securities.
I just tested it and it is working okay. An example ticker that updates
properly is MLB. Can you provide a sample ticker that won't update from ASX?

Mark Beiley

Fund Manager for Windows 3.1x/95/98/NT

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