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ASX server still not working

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Posted by Vince FitzGerald on September 03, 2000 at 02:29:25:


There have been various exchanges on this message board over recent weeks about the status of the ASX server.
I have emailed you directly about some of the things I'd experienced, and I think you are very well aware of most if not all of status issues.
But just for the record on this message board:

I now have version 232 of INTENG4X.DLL, and still cannot download anything from the ASX server, not even end-of-day prices only, let alone last price plus vol, hi, low as in the past.
(When the server was last working for me, if accessed during trading hours it would yield latest price plus hi, lo, vol; but after close of trading, last price only.
In the past, it would yield all those data before AND after closing.)

I should mention that I don't often try the server during trading hours -- mostly a few hours after close of trading. So I'm not absolutely sure about how the server functions currently DURING trading.

As previously mentioned, the Yahoo Australia & NZ server seems to work fine with 'plain vanilla' stocks -- with a 3-character ASX ticker code -- but only after adding the ".AX" suffix, e.g via Edit/Investment Properties.
Having to do that is a damn nuisance, however, as long as other sources of quotes are used which simply expect the ticker code with no suffix.

The Yahoo Australia & NZ server extends to some of the other common types of securities based on the plain vanilla ones.
For example, it includes NCPDP -- News Corp Preference Shares, based on NCP, the plain vanilla News Corp share.
It also includes the widely held Telstra Corporation 'instalment receipts', series 2, whose ticker code is TLSCB, based on the ordinary shares, TLS.

The trouble is, it doesn't cover some of the other common types, including the so-called income securities (perpetual, i.e. no maturity date, securities paying a fixed margin over the Treasury Bill rate).

It also doesn't seem to cover ASX indexes, at least by their ASX ticker codes (e.g. The well known 'All Ordinaries', XAO).
On the other hand, I am not sure if the ASX server as accessed via INTENG4X.DLL ever provided these either. But it did cover preference shares, income securities, instalment receipts etc etc.

In short, it is only a partial substitute for the ASX server.

As someone pointed out on this board, there is a free ftp site providing download data covering everything but indexes, but only after midnight.
Another site for delayed free stuff is, but it only covers a selection of ASX listed securities (albeit a fairly extensive selection).
It does provide indexes, however!

In short, a return to full functionality (maybe without indexes) for the ASX server via INTENG4X.DLL would be very greatly appreciated!!!!

All the alternatives I am aware of have some significant deficiency.


Vince FitzGerald

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