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Re: Splits?

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Posted by Mark on July 25, 2000 at 20:43:37:

In Reply to: Splits? posted by Wyatt Taylor on July 25, 2000 at 05:07:01:

: Hi Mark,

: I'm still baffled by the problem that I e-mailed you about concerning all the stocks where splits are recorded. It began after updating on 7/20/00. I sent you the files on ABGX and AMGN as examples. Could it be that the dates on which I recorded the splits could be off by a day? What I've used is what Yahoo! reports as the split dates in the company "Profile" or on the "Charts" page. I assumed that to be the ex-dividend date. Isn't that the date on which to record the split in FM? I just can't understand what happened on the 20th. I don't believe that by downloading the retrieve module #229 that that alone would affect the graphs. Did Yahoo! do something on that date? Any further ideas would be appreciated. I've got a total of about 130 stocks which would sure require a lot of updating.

: Thanks in advance.

: Wyatt

Hi Wyatt,
If your split date was off by one day, you would only have one price that
looked off. Are all 130 of your stocks off for the same date range?

I can't tell what went wrong, but I looked at your Abgenix, and your prices from around 12/99 up to your split around 4/00 seemed
quite high. I just did a retrieve from Yahoo (Historical) for 3/1/00 to 3/31/00 and it fixed that date range. You might want to
retrieve historical prices for that whole period that is off.

Mark Beiley

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