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Posted by Wyatt Taylor on July 25, 2000 at 05:07:01:

Hi Mark,

I'm still baffled by the problem that I e-mailed you about concerning all the stocks where splits are recorded. It began after updating on 7/20/00. I sent you the files on ABGX and AMGN as examples. Could it be that the dates on which I recorded the splits could be off by a day? What I've used is what Yahoo! reports as the split dates in the company "Profile" or on the "Charts" page. I assumed that to be the ex-dividend date. Isn't that the date on which to record the split in FM? I just can't understand what happened on the 20th. I don't believe that by downloading the retrieve module #229 that that alone would affect the graphs. Did Yahoo! do something on that date? Any further ideas would be appreciated. I've got a total of about 130 stocks which would sure require a lot of updating.

Thanks in advance.


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